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The papers available in Writing follow three strands: academic, professional and creative writing.

Academic writingEssentials for communications front cover of publication

ENGL 127 and ENGL 227 introduce and develop the essential writing skills required in a university environment. Students completing these papers will be trained in the fundamentals of clear and effective writing, editing, revision and writing for specific audiences.

Professional writing

ENGL 128, ENGL 228 and MFCO 220 introduce writing for professional environments and may appeal to students keen to study journalism or who want to prepare for business and the workplace. Students taking these papers will learn report writing and communication skills in workplace environments.

Find out more about ENGL 127: Essentials of Writing and ENGL 128: Essentials of Communication

Creative writing

ENGL120,  ENGL220, ENGL 251, THEA 241, ENGL320, THEA 341 and ENGL 327 will appeal to students keen to study creative writing  across different genres. Students taking these papers will have the opportunity to learn about fiction, poetry, plays, video games and interactive media,  and non-fiction writing.

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