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We explore engineered tissue technologies and how clinicians can incorporate them as treatment options using the body's own self-healing capacity.

Our primary focus is cartilage and bone tissues, cartilaginous joints and technologies for improving arthroplasty surgeries.

Through our collaborative relationships our research also includes other engineered tissue types, such as breast and cardiac tissues, as well as a broadening range of research and clinical application technologies.

Research translation

We are an interdisciplinary team of research staff and students, and a part of the University of Otago's Department of Orthopaedic Surgery and Musculoskeletal Medicine based at the Christchurch School of Medicine.

This provides us with strong links with Canterbury District Health Board clinicians which helps sharpen our focus on clinical translation.

And because we aim for our research outcomes to be translatable to commercial-level volumes we have working relationships in New Zealand with commercial partners ENZTEC and Ossis Ltd.

International relationships

Our team enjoys regular interactions with leading international researchers through our principal researcher Associate Professor Tim Woodfield and his roles within ASBTE and ISBF.

There's a rich exchange of ideas and team members as a result.

Rich research culture

CReaTE is an important part of the University's Centre for Bioengineering and Nanomedicine which taps into talent based in the University's Dunedin, Christchurch and Wellington campuses.

And our various research projects have team members working collaboratively with the University's research groups focused on heart health, cancer research, MARS imaging, and bioengineering to name just a few.

National excellence

Our group also benefits from a relationship with New Zealand's MedTech CoRE through Professor Tim Woodfield's principal investigator role in the national centre of excellence.


Student Profile

Gretel Major with a model of a knee joint thumbnailGretel Major aims to answer key cell biology questions using bioengineering tools as a career researcher.  
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