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The Unimarket Purchasing system is the online purchasing system used by the University of Otago.

As a Unimarket Purchasing user, you will be able to create purchase requisitions and obtain purchase orders using shopping carts, selecting items from online catalogues, via suppliers' own websites. or "non-catalogue" goods and services when purchasing on behalf of the University.

Convenience and purchasing power

Ordering goods via Unimarket Purchasing is a convenient way for staff and postgraduate students to purchase items. Staff log in directly to Unimarket to initiate the purchase request/order. After you have receipted the goods, the order information and values will automatically update Unimarket and allow for the invoice to match the purchase order, thereby eliminating the need for any invoice processing by you.

Combining the purchasing power across the entire University means that you will achieve greater savings for your Department.

Accessing Unimarket

All staff and selected students can access the Unimarket system from the University staff resources page. In order to approve purchase requests to go forward to become an order, you will need to have the Delegated Financial Authority assigned for the University account code being charged. You can obtain this authority by completing the Delegated Financial Authority Form and having it approved by the respective Cost Center Head or PI.

Delegated Financial Authority Form – Unimarket Training

Staff tools – Information for University staff

Further information about Unimarket Purchasing

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