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Mātai Hāora - Centre for Redox Biology and Medicine (formerly the Centre for Free Radical Research) is a group of scientists who have combined their expertise in chemistry, biochemistry, molecular biology and cell biology to establish one of the most recognised centres for redox biology in the world.

Our mission is to reveal the fundamental processes associated with oxygen metabolism in cells, and use this knowledge to help diagnose and treat human disease.

Our research areas

Biochemistry and cell biology of oxidative stress and redox signalling with applications to:

What are free radicals and antioxidants?

Free radicals (also called oxidants or reactive oxygen species) are reactive chemicals that are continually made inside our body. Some free radicals play important roles in health, helping to fight infection and transmit signals within cells. However, uncontrolled production of free radicals can cause oxidative stress and contribute to disease.

Antioxidants provide protection against excessive levels of free radicals and ensure that free radical levels are kept in a finely-tuned balance. We obtain some antioxidants from our diet, but our body also makes a large number of antioxidants.

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