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Monday 15 May 2017 1:56pm

Anitra CarrVitamin C researcher Dr Anitra Carr from the Centre for Free Radical Research was interviewed by Jesse Mulligan on Radio New Zealand today.

Dr Carr gave a basic overview of vitamin C and why it is vital for the human body. She explained how most animals can create their own, but humans have lost the ability to do so millions of years ago through a genetic mutation.

Dr Carr also discussed the ongoing vitamin C research and clinical trials by the Centre for Free Radical Research.

“We're trying to carry out clinical trials at the moment in cancer patients at the moment for example to determine, do you really need these really high doses for there to be effects on the tumour.”

While Dr Carr says vitamin C will never be a cure for cancer, it could be adjunctive therapy to other treatments.

Dr Carr is working on constructing well-designed clinical studies on the efficacy of vitamin C, but says there is limited funding available for such studies.

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