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Genetics aims to provide quality, accessible information and resources to school students and teachers. Our scientists are keen to share their expertise with the aim of encouraging and helping talented young New Zealanders to consider science as a career.

Hands-On at Otago

The Genetics Hands-on at Otago Programme as part of the University of Otago's Hands-On at Otago programme demonstrates activities that our scientists are involved in, in a friendly and interactive environment.

For further information, Please contact the Genetics Hands-On at Otago Co-ordinator, Dr Gillian MacKay:

Tel +64 3 479 7937

Science Academy (OUASSA)

The Science Academy is aimed at Year 13 students with a passion for science and the potential to excel in their final year NCEA and/or scholarship science exams. A genetics-related project is part of the programme.

Science Academy

Genetics on the GO

Genetics on the GO is a resource created by the Genetics Otago Research Centre in collaboration with the Genetics Programme at the University of Otago.

It offers a series of genetics experiments, which can be delivered to your school in a suitcase with all necessary equipment and reagents included. These kits are  currently available, free of charge, nationwide.

If you have any questions relating to the contents of these kits, or would like to organise to use this service please contact us at

Teaching resources for schools

In close consultation with Genetics Otago, our teaching resources have been developed by senior high school teacher, Praneeta Ramsay.

Resources are available for 3 different age groups:

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