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The University of Otago is an unrivalled genetics research location. Our expertise reaches across science, health, technology, and law, our infrastructure enables world class research, and our unique and rich natural surrounds inspire novel research and insights.

Genetics Otago is a University of Otago Research Centre formed in 2009 to unite wide-ranging genetics expertise from across the University and beyond into New Zealand's primary genetics research centre. We support members researching and studying genetics-related disciplines, and we engage with the public about genetics' contributions and impacts in New Zealand.

Genetics Otago supports over 300 members researching and working in fields related to genetics, through technical hubs, workshops, symposia, and other events that promote collaboration and networking.

Otago's genetics research drives innovation across New Zealand's agricultural, conservation and medical sectors. It also deepens our understanding of our origins, our humanity and our natural world.

Genetics academics and postgraduate students at or affiliated to the University of Otago can join Genetics Otago. As a member of Australasia's largest genetics community, you can stay up to date with what your peers are researching, access development opportunities, find collaborators, connect with other sectors, and engage the public about your research.

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