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The short story

Input sample quality can have a significant impact on library generation, and sequencing data quantity and quality.

To achieve the best results we will ask you about:

  1. Purity – how clean is your sample (260/280, 260/230 from spec. data).
  2. Concentration – how much is there (fluorometry, or, if you must, spec.).
  3. Integrity – how degraded it is (gel or bioanalyser).

We will consider projects that use material that is degraded or sample-limited; please contact us if you cannot meet our standard requirements and we will discuss options with you.

With all sample types, the more the better.

The longer story

  1. All samples must meet our standard sample quality and quantity requirements.
  2. All required user-generated QA/QC data must be provided to OGF before approval can be given for sample shipment.
  3. The laboratory will assess the suitability of your samples and contact you if they fail to meet our criteria. If your samples do not meet our QC criteria, we will discuss the possible limitations and negative consequences of proceeding. However, passing our sample QC threshold does not guarantee samples will perform well in downstream procedures (e.g., because of inhibitors and contaminants that we cannot measure). Where a sample passes our QC requirements but does not generate a suitable library we will contact you to discuss the options, e.g. permission to proceed with sequencing at your own risk; or to provide another sample.
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