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Cameron Abbey smCameron Abbey

New Zealand

MSc topic: Seismic characterisation of submarine canyons off the Otago coast
Supervisor: Andrew Gorman
Email: c.abbey[at]

Harris Anderson smHarris Anderson

New Zealand

MSc topic: A Late Pleistocene Record of Paleoproductivity and Ocean Circulation Variation From the Gulf of Alaska: Results From IODP Expedition 341 (Southern Alaska Margin)
Supervisor:Chris Moy
Email: harris.j.anderson[at]

Dylan Baker smDylan Baker

New Zealand

MSc topic: Gas hydrates in New Zealand basins
Supervisor: Andrew Gorman
Email: bakdy008[at]

Elliot BowieElliot Bowie

New Zealand

MSc topic: Validations of ground motion simulations using precarious rocks
Supervisor: Mark Stirling
Email: elliot.b[at]

Vivienne Bryner smVivienne Bryner

New Zealand/Switzerland

PhD topic:Communicating the sciences of Disaster Risk Reduction: media stories surrounding the Canterbury earthquakes of 2010-2011
Supervisors:Jean Fleming(Science Communication), Richard Norris, Virginia Toy
Email: vivienne.bryner[at]

Kieran CrookbainKieran Crookbain

New Zealand

MSc topic: EBSD analysis of clast-cotex grains in carbonate earthquake slip zones
Supervisor:Steve Smith

Douglas Fraser smDouglas Fraser

New Zealand

PhD title: Seismic characterisation of  hydrate / shallow gas systems   associated with active margin sediments  in the Pegasus Sub-basin, Hikurangi Margin, New Zealand
Supervisors:Andrew Gorman,Ingo Pecher (University of Auckland)

Henry Gard smHenry Gard

New Zealand

MSc topic:Sedimentology, paleoecology and paleogeography of the shallow marine Chatton Formation, southern New Zealand
Supervisors: Daphne Lee, Jon Lindqvist, Ewan Fordyce
Email: garhe654[at]

Andy Holt smAndy Holt


MSc topic: Analysis of and mapping of strata and overburden using seismology and other GIS techniques.
Supervisors: Andrew Gorman
Email: holan932[at]

Emma Kluge smEmma Kluge


MSc topic: Using geophysical methods to study fluids in fault zones.
Supervisors:Virginia Toy , Christian Ohneiser

Kirstine Malloch  smKirstine Malloch

New Zealand

MSc (Environmental Science) topic: The Environmental Legacy of Historic Gold Processing in the Reefton Goldfield
Supervisor: Dave Craw

Christine McLachlan smChristine McLachlan

New Zealand

MSc (Environmental Science) topic: Characterisation of mine waste and water of historic and active gold mines
Supervisors: Dave Craw, James Pope (CRL)

Rebecca ParkerRebecca Parker

New Zealand

MSc topic: Holocene paleoclimates and paleoceanography within the Ross Sea, Antarctica using marine sediment cores
Supervisor: Christina Riesselman
Email: rebeccaparkernz[at]

Edward PerkinsEdward Perkins

New Zealand

MSc topic: Seismic characterisation of buried glacial channels on the leeward shelf of Auckland Island.
Supervisor: Andrew Gorman
Email: pered045[at]

Tiffany PlencnerTiffany Plencner


MSc (Marine Science) topic: Pilot whale hearing structure
Supervisors:Ewan Fordyce, Steve Dawson (Marine Science)
Email: pleti480[at]

Giuseppe Re smGiuseppe Re (Peppe)


PhD topic: Maar diatreme system in Hopi Buttes, Navajo Nation, AZ, USA (submitted)
Supervisors:James White, Christian Ohneiser
Email: regi7084 (at)

Tom RitchieTom Ritchie

New Zealand

Msc topic: Garnet sands on the West Coast, NZ
Supervisors: Dave Craw, James Scott
Email: ritth444[at]

Fraser ShandFraser Shand

New Zealand

MSc Topic: Conditions, style and paragenesis of mineralisation in the Cascade Creek porphyry Cu-Mo deposit, Westland.
Supervisor: James Scott
Email: shafr163[at]

Nicole StannardNicole Stannard


PGDipSci topic: Reconstructing ancient current strength in the Ross Embayment
Supervisor: Christian Ohneiser
Email: stani202[at]

Stephie TayStephie Tay


BSc(Hons) topic: Environmental Geochemistry of Historic Mine Tailings at Alexander Mine, Reefton
Supervisors:James Scott, Dave Craw
Email: tayst598[at]

Briar Taylor-SilvaBriar Taylor-Silva

New Zealand

MSc topic: Akatore Fault Paleoseismology
Supervisor: Mark Stirling, Nicola Litchfield (GNS)
Email: taybr805[at]

Cléa-Anaïs ThomasCléa Thomas


COP topic: Fault network evolution in Triassic sandstones and siltstones at Kaka Point, New Zealand
Supervisor: Steven Smith
Email: thocl545[at]

Matt Vaughan smMatt Vaughan


PhD topic:The creep behaviour, and elastic and anelastic properties of polycrystalline ice
Supervisors:Dave Prior

Astrid VetrhusAstrid Vetrhus


COP (MSc) topic: Earthquake-generated landslides in the Southern Alps
Supervisors:Karen Mair (University of Oslo), Virginia Toy, Mark Stirling
Email: vetas555[at]

Katrin Wellnitz smKatrin Wellnitz


PhD topic: Carbonate alteration associated with lamprophyres and orogenic gold, Southern Alps, New Zealand
Supervisors:James Scott, Mike Palin
Email: katrin.wellnitz[at]

Jack Williams smJack Williams


PhD topic: Characterisation of fractures in fault damage zones (submitted)
Supervisors:Virginia Toy, Steve Smith
Email: wilja541[at]

Victoria WilsonVictoria Wilson


BSc(Hons) topic: Characterisation of paragenesis of gold and tungsten deposits in the Bendigo area near to Cromwell in Central Otago
Supervisors:James Scott, Dave Craw
Email: wilvi053[at]

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