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PhD thesis: Origin of Pleistocene lava-hyaloclastite sheets, southeast Iceland (on Hold)

Supervisors:James White, Magnus Gudmundsson

Carolyn Gorny hiding

Looking north at the top of the source area for eruption (courtesy of James White).
Looking north at the top of the source area for eruption (courtesy of James White).


My study is based on a young lava-hyaloclastite sheet in southeast Iceland, and focuses on understanding subglacial eruption dynamics, the thermodynamics of magma-ice interactions, and the processes and timing of emplacement for the erupted material.


That's a big bomb! (Courtesy of James White)Fig.1: That's a big bomb! (Courtesy of James White)

  • Fieldwork
  • Measured vesicularity by image analysis for lavas and fragments
  • Petrography, geochemistry
  • Statistical analysis of grain size, and particle distribution and source
  • Thermodynamic modeling
  • Particle density and settling velocity


Published Papers

Gorny, C., Busby, C., Pluhar, C., Hagan, J., and Putirka, K., 2009. An in-depth look at distal Sierra Nevada paleochannel fill: drill cores through the Table Mountain latite near Knight's Ferry. International Geology Review Vol. 51, 824-842


Gorny, C., White, J.D.L., Guðmundsson, M.T. Lava-Hyaloclastite Sheet of a Voluminous Subglacial Eruption, southeast Iceland. Geological Society of New Zealand Annual Meeting, November, 2009. Abstract

White, J.D.L., Gorny, C., Guðmundsson, M.T. Processes and thermodynamics of a Laki-scale eruption that emplaced a lava-hyaloclastite sheet, southeast Iceland. American Geophysical Union Annual Meeting, December 14-18, 2009. Abstract.

Gorny, C., Hagan, J., Busby, C. An In-Depth Analysis of the Distal Facies of the Table Mountain Latite, Knights Ferry, CA. The Geological Society of America Annual Meeting, Cordilleran Section (104th Annual) and Rocky Mountain Section (60th Annual) Joint Meeting 19–21 March 2008. Paper No. 16-16. Abstract.

Awards and Honours

  • Dean's Honor Fall 2006, Winter 2008, Spring 2008
  • Maureen Driscoll ACE Writing Award 2004-2005
  • York Mandra Award 2007
  • Outstanding Academic Achievement Award 2007, 2008
  • Department of Earth Science Distinction in the Major 2008
  • Outstanding Senior Award 2008
  • Coast Geologic Society's Tom Bailey Brunton Award for Excellence in the Field Award 2008
  • Coast Geologic Society's University Undergraduate Scholarship Award 2008

Professional Membership


  • Geological Society of America, student member, 2008-present
  • American Geophysical Union, student member, 2009-present
  • International Association of Sedimentologists, student member, 2009-present
  • European Geosciences Union, student member, 2009-present
  • Geological Society of New Zealand, student member, 2009-present
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