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Rachael Baxter imageRachael Baxter

New Zealand

PhD topic: Magma system response to crustal loading and unloading
Supervisor: James White

Jack Beagley imageJack Beagley

New Zealand

PhD topic: Observations and modelling of New Zealand fjord circulation to better understand carbon burial
Supervisors: Rob Smith (Marine Science), Chris Moy, Gary Wilson (GNS Science), Gael Arnaud (MetOcean)

Wendel Broek

New Zealand / Netherlands

PhD topic: Otago volcanism during Oligocene submergence: Controls on submarine volcanism and intrusions
Supervisors:James White, Marco Brenna

Solen Chanony imageSolen Chanony


PhD topic: Source physics of big and small earthquakes in New Zealand
Supervisors:Mark Stirling, Andrew Gorman, Bill Fry ( GNS Science)

Nadine Cooper image 2021Nadine Cooper

New Zealand

PhD topic: The ultra-refractory mantle beneath the Southern Alps
Supervisor:James Scott

Megha Devakumar imageMegha Devakumar


PhD topic: Metal Isotope Tracing of Heavy Metal Pollutants
Supervisor:Claudine Stirling, Matthew Druce, Jennifer Gadd (NIWA), Michael Ellwood (ANU)

Meghan Duffy 2022 imageMeghan Duffy


PhD topic: Linking East Antarctic temperature with Southern Ocean productivity
Supervisors:Christina Riesselman, Chris Moy

Julian Eschenröder Julian Eschenröder


PhD topic: High-resolution reconstruction of past water quality using non-destructive core scanning techniques in New Zealand lake sediments.
Supervisors: Chris Moy, Sebastian Naeher (GNS Science), Christina Riesselman and Marcus Vandergoes (GNS Science)

Michelle_Fitzgerald_2020_imageMichelle Fitzgerald

New Zealand

PhD topic: Lithic fragment populations in a cluster of closely spaced volcanoes in central Hopi Buttes Volcanic Field, Navajo Nation, Arizona
Supervisors:James White, Mike Palin

Luisa Fontanot imageLuisa Fontanot


PhD topic: Holocene geomagnetic field and oceanographic reconstructions for the Ross Sea
Supervisors: Catherine Beltran, Christian Ohneiser, Richard Levy (GNS) and Ester Colizza (Trieste, Italy)

Luce LacouaLuce Lacoua


PhD topic: Ground motion modelling of New Zealand
Supervisors: Andrew Gorman, Bill Fry (GNS Science)

Govinda NiroulaGovinda Niroula image


PhD topic: Testing and evaluation of earthquake rupture simulations for New Zealand
Supervisors:Mark Stirling, Dr Matt Gerstenberger (GNS Science)

Javiera Ruz Ginouves image 2022Javiera Ruz Ginouves


PhD topic: Understanding the early evolution of fissure eruptions through experiments
Supervisors: James White

Ayla Stenning ImageAyla Stenning


PhD topic: An intraplate volcanism project studying the Dunedin Volcano
Supervisors:Marco Brenna, James White

Emeline Wavelet image 2022Emeline Wavelet


PhD topic: Tsunami early warning system
Supervisors:Andrew Gorman, Bill Fry (GNS), Sarah-Jayne McCurrah (EQC)

Master of Science (MSc)

Luke CarringtonLuke Carrington

New Zealand

MSc topic: Seismic characteristics and extreme hazards of faulting around Dunedin
Supervisors:Andrew Gorman, Steve Smith

Clare GormanClare Gorman

New Zealand

MSc topic: Constructing paleoclimate records using sediment core from the Chilean continental margin
Supervisors:Chris Moy, Christina Riesselman

Josie Frazer image 2021Josie Frazer

New Zealand

MSc topic: Reconstructing Pleistocene oceanic front positions using diatom species assemblages and organic geochemistry from Southern Ocean sediment cores
Supervisors: Christina Riesselman, Catherine Beltran

Tabitha German image 2021Tabitha German

New Zealand

MSc topic: Understanding the relationships between air bubble deformation and glacial strain using Priestley glacier ice
Supervisor: Dave Prior

Nicholas Hobiagi ImageNicholas Hobiagi

Papua New Guinea

Msc topic: An investigation of core from Surtsey volcano (Iceland) including microtextures, particle shapes and thermal indicators. The aim is to understand the processes that excavated the vent, the timing of excavation, and the effects of excavation on the eruption
Supervisors: James White

Sarah Macindoe-Baker image 2021Sarah Macindoe-Baker

New Zealand

MSc topic: Geochemical analysis of Motupore Island pottery, from Papua New Guinea, to determine source materials
Supervisor:Sophie Briggs, Anne Ford (Archaeology)

Zoe MacLure imageZoe MacClure

New Zealand

MSc topic: Characterising the microstructural responses to shear localisation in the lateral margin of the Tasman and Priestley glaciers to improve models of ice sheet breakup and paleoclimate reconstructions
Supervisor:Dave Prior

Alicia McKean imageAlicia McKean

New Zealand

MSc topic: Orogenic Gold and Arsenic in the Capburn Fault? Exploring gold and arsenic deposits throughout Otago
Supervisors:Doug MacKenzie, Mike Palin

Holly Meyer ImageHolly Meyer

New Zealand

MSc topic: Using Offshore NZ Seismic Data to Conduct Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentary Analysis in the Great South Basin
Supervisors:Andrew Gorman, Christina Riesselman

Amelia Morris Amelia Morris image

New Zealand

MSc topic: Using sediment cores to provide a Southern Ocean reference section for key intervals of the geologic timescale between 4-8 Ma.
Supervisor:Christina Riesselman

Dan Muir image 2021Dan Muir

New Zealand

MSc topic: Reconstructing the climate of the last millennium using lacustrine sediment cores from Southland, New Zealand
Supervisor:Chris Moy

Will Oliver imageWill Oliver


MSc topic: A comparison of conventional “land” seismic and streamer array methods conducted at Discovery Deep, Western Ross Ice Shelf, Antarctica.
Supervisor:Andrew Gorman

Jordan Riddell imageJordan Riddell

New Zealand

MSc topic: Paleoclimatology in Central Otago, New Zealand
Supervisors:Chris Moy, Christina Riesselman

Jorgee Robb imageJorgee Robb

New Zealand

MSc topic: Geochemistry of Surface Sediments in Fiordland
Supervisor:Chris Moy

Clarissa-Ross-ImageClarissa Ross

New Zealand

MSc topic: The influence of clay mineral properties on expansion in Southland soils, New Zealand
Supervisor:Candace Martin

Aleisha SavageAleisha_Savage_image

New Zealand

MSc topic: Construction of a Holocene-Pleistocene paleoceanographic record in the Adare Trough, Ross Sea, Antarctica
Supervisor:Christina Riesselman

Thomas Stevenson image 2021Thomas Stevenson

New Zealand

MSc topic: 3D lithological reconstruction of the Heyward Promontory section of Dunedin Volcano
Supervisor:Marco Brenna

Ash Vause imageAsh Vause

New Zealand

MSc topic: Upper Clutha River terrace chronology, and Late Quaternary activity of the Pisa Fault, Central Otago
Supervisor:Mark Stirling

Luke Whibley imageLuke Whibley

New Zealand

MSc topic: Carbon cycling and burial in the waters and surface sediments of Fiordland
Supervisor:Christina Riesselman, Chris Moy

Rachel Worthington image 2021Rachel Worthington

New Zealand

MSc topic: Mechanical properties of ice within shear margins and implications for ice shelf mechanics
Supervisor:Dave Prior

Mike Wu imageYutong (Mike) Wu

New Zealand / China

MSc topic: Paleontology and Paleoecology of the Cosy Dell Rocky Shore Fauna, Southland, New Zealand
Supervisors:Jeffrey Robinson, Daphne Lee

Bachelor of Science with Honours (BSc(Hons))

Liam Criglington imageLiam Criglington

New Zealand

BSc(Hons) topic: Using U-Pb dating of detrital zircons to better understand the tectonostratigraphy of the Otago schist
Supervisor:Mike Palin, Nick Mortimer (GNS Science)

Lucy DavidsonLucy Davidson image

New Zealand

BSc(Hons) topic: Viscoelastic deformation and ultrasonic analysis of natural ice; implications of tides on ice shelf characteristics
Supervisor:Dave Prior

Dante Frean imageDante Frean

New Zealand

BSc(Hons) topic: The eruptive history and environment of the Warrington-Karitane coastal belt of evolved volcanics; and the relationship of this evolved eruptive belt to the main Dunedin Volcano
Supervisor:James White

Madi Fleming image 2022Madi Fleming

New Zealand

BSc(Hons) topic: Effect of grain size and sample size on ice rheology
Supervisor:Dave Prior

Students co-supervised by Geology staff

These are students that have primary supervisors and office spaces in other departments.  They have secondary supervisors in the Department of Geology.

Peter BatsonPeter Batson

PhD (Marine Science) topic: Aspects of the biology of Hornerid bryozoans
Supervisors:Abby Smith (Marine Science) and Daphne Lee

Ming WilliamsUru-Manuka Ming-Cheung (Ming) Williams

MSc(Marine Science) topic: The effects of sedimentation on the physiology of living New Zealand brachiopods
Supervisors: Miles Lamare (Marine Science), Daphne Lee (Geology), Jeffrey Robinson (Geology)

Shaun WilsonShaun Wilson

MSc (Zoology) topic: Ecotypic varation and sexual dimorphism in the orca (Orcinus orca) skull
Supervisors:Liz Slooten (Zoology), Ewan Fordyce

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