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Contact detailsMcCarthy_Angela 186

Office: 2S7, Arts 1 (Burns) Building
Tel +64 3 479 8622

Academic qualifications

2000: PhD, Trinity College, Dublin
1996: MA (1st class hons), University College Dublin
1993: BA (Hons), University College Dublin

Research interests

Angela McCarthy's research focuses on global, transnational, and comparative migrations and the history of migration to New Zealand. She is currently working on three projects: a history of global migrations; Scotland and transatlantic slavery; and former refugees in Dunedin.

She regularly collaborates with colleagues in New Zealand and abroad including the GRAMNET group at the University of Glasgow and the Wilberforce Institute at the University of Hull.

Angela is Director of the interdisciplinary Centre for Global Migrations research theme.

Courses taught

Editorial responsibilities

Angela co-edits (with Professor Sir Tom Devine) the Studies in British and Irish Migration series, published by Edinburgh University Press.

She is on the editorial board of: History Scotland, International Review of Scottish Studies, Review of Scottish Culture, Australasian Journal of Irish Studies, Disability Studies Quarterly, and Kakapo Books.

Areas of research supervision

Global, transnational and comparative migration and ethnicity (including the Irish and the Scots); New Zealand, Scottish, Irish, and British history; the history of madness.



McCarthy, A., & Wanhalla, A. (2023). Scotland, transatlantic slavery, and mixed-race Africans in New Zealand. New Zealand Journal of History, 57(2), 41-64. Journal - Research Article

McCarthy, A. (2023). Henry Dundas and abolition of the British slave trade: Further evidence. Scottish Affairs, 32(3), 334-346. doi: 10.3366/scot.2023.0467 Journal - Research Article

McCarthy, A. (2022). Historians, activists and Britain's slave trade abolition debate: The Henry Dundas plaque debacle. Scottish Affairs, 31(3), 325-344. doi: 10.3366/scot.2022.0420 Journal - Research Article

McCarthy, A. (2022). Bad history: The controversy over Henry Dundas and the historiography of the abolition of the slave trade. Scottish Affairs, 31(2), 133-153. doi: 10.3366/scot.2022.0404 Journal - Research Article

McCarthy, A., & Devine, T. M. (2017). Tea & empire: James Taylor in Victorian Ceylon. Manchester, UK: Manchester University Press, 253p. Authored Book - Research

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