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Our staff attached to Global Migrations offer the following undergraduate and postgraduate taught courses.

HIST245 Global Migrations: From Slavery to Refugees (Professor Angela McCarthy)
This paper adopts a broad chronological and geographical scope to examine how and why global migrations to and from Europe, Asia, Africa, the Americas and Oceania have shaped the modern world.

HIST328 Irish and Scottish Migrations (Professor Angela McCarthy)
This paper examines the causes and consequences of two of modern Europe's largest population flows: the Irish and the Scots. It adopts a broad chronological, geographical and thematic approach and gives students the opportunity to work with original sources, including personal letters, oral histories and ethnic periodicals.

HIST401 Peopling New Zealand: Migration, Race, and Ethnicity (Professor Angela McCarthy)
This paper examines historical and contemporary migration to New Zealand with a particular focus on ethnicity and race. It analyses key debates and examines a number of methodological approaches. A key feature of the paper is the development of an online Migration Museum of Otago.

HIST403 Immigration and Refugee Law (Dr Lili Song)
This paper provides an introduction to New Zealand immigration and refugee law, including citizenship, visas, refugee status, deportation and judicial review.

ANTH425 Anthropology of Transnationalism and Diaspora (Associate Professor Gregory Rawlings)
This paper addresses key theoretical issues in the study of transnationalism, using a variety of ethnographic case studies of migration and the diaspora of 'persons and things' in contexts that cross the borders of Africa, Europe, Australia, New Zealand, North America, Asia and Oceania. It will explore the ways displaced and/or mobile populations ground their lives in two or more national fields through mobility, social relationships, media, communications and consumption. The course will examine migrant workers, refugees, supranationality, borders and boundaries, theories and approaches to citizenship, government policy, class, ethnicity and identity politics.

GENA720 Refugee and Migrant Health (Conveners: Serena Moran, Jonathan Kennedy)
This distance-taught postgraduate paper may be undertaken as a stand-alone paper or as part of the Diploma of Travel Medicine, the Postgraduate Certificate in Primary Health Care or the Postgraduate Diploma in Primary Health Care; University of Otago, Wellington. The paper focuses on the international and New Zealand context for migrants and refugees, health screening, specific health priorities and primary care health delivery.

We also have a number of postgraduate research students attached to Global Migrations.
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The University of Otago also offers the University of Otago Robert Jones Daughters of Refugees Fanny Evans Scholarship. This will be advertised later this year.

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