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The timing of all progress reports is calculated from the date of admission to the programme. Progress reports are due at the following intervals:

  • six monthly until confirmation
  • annually thereafter until the submission of the thesis or termination of candidature

Note that the date of subsequent meetings is set by the entry of the progress report into eVision. If there is a delay in entering this report, subsequent meetings will be delayed. Also, if a candidate has been on deferral and a report has been missed, the next report will need to be manually triggered by the postgraduate administrator in the department.

The progress reporting procedure is initiated by eVision reminders that are sent to the primary supervisor and postgraduate administrator nine weeks prior (and again at four weeks prior) to the progress report meeting due date. Four weeks before the meeting due date, the candidate receives an alert in their eVision portal to complete their section and the self-review, and if it is their first progress report they must also complete the student-supervisor agreement. The candidate has two weeks to complete these questions and upload the documents.

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