He Kaupapa Hononga is a network bringing researchers together to stimulate conversations and collaborations on climate change.
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Climate change research strengthened by mātauranga Māori

Climate action, including assessment, mitigation, adaptation, and restoration, is both the most pressing challenge of our time and an enduring problem that will structure research and policy for some time to come. Such research is inherently interdisciplinary, requiring teams of experts to collaborate to answer questions that cross conventional academic boundaries and help build resilience to climate change.

As well as interdisciplinary partnerships, He Kaupapa Hononga is also committed to supporting collaborations between mātauranga Māori / mātauranga Kāi Tahu and Western scientific knowledge. These partnerships are important to develop knowledge and ensure enduring solutions, as well as recognising our collective obligations under Te Tiriti o Waitangi.

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He Kaupapa Hononga history

He Kaupapa Hononga was established in 2020 as a re-shaping of the Otago Climate Change network (OCCNET).
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He Kaupapa Hononga objectives

  1. Driving new interdisciplinary and co-created knowledge and research on climate change assessment and solutions (specifically enabling research grounded in Te Titiri and recognising Kāi Tahu as mana whenua)
  2. Creating a strong position for the University of Otago on climate change research, leveraging the already high-quality research currently being produced by Otago staff and students
  3. Becoming a trusted point of contact – a source of climate change expertise that is recognised, from local to international level
  4. Supporting capacity building for researchers and students in climate change research and leadership, including leading by example

We are guided in this work by:

He Kaupapa Hononga - our name

He Kaupapa Hononga is pronounced:

  • heh; like the first half of the word “here”
  • co-pah-pah
  • hoh-noh-ng-ah; “ng” like the end of the word “sing”

In Te Reo Māori, Kaupapa refers to the guiding principles, values and aspirations which act as a foundation for any particular action. The kupu or word Hononga holds the meaning of union, connection, relationship or bond. Taken together, He Kaupapa Hononga, therefore, refers our joining together to become a multi-disciplinary framework of knowledge and practices, underpinned by similar goals, objectives and values. We acknowledge Dr Lyn Carter for gifting us this name, ngā mihi nui ki a koe Lyn.

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