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Reproductive hazards are any agent or process that could affect the reproductive organs of an individual, or affect a baby when a woman is pregnant or breastfeeding. The University of Otago has a Risk/Hazard Management Policy which outlines the process for managing such hazards.

What are the risks/hazards?

Reproductive hazards may include:

  • chemicals (e.g. solvents, acids, chlorine, ammonia etc)
  • petrol, diesel or oils
  • cytotoxic agents
  • agricultural chemicals (e.g. dips, vaccines, pesticides etc)
  • metals (e.g. lead, mercury, arsenic etc)
  • gases/fumes/vapours
  • radiation
  • biological hazards
  • loud noise
  • whole-body vibration
  • extreme heat
  • heavy lifting
  • slip, trip or fall hazards
  • working at heights

Download the New and Expectant Mothers at Work information pamphlet (PDF)

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