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University staff may need to use vehicles for work in a range of different situations. Whether using a university-owned vehicle, a private vehicle, or a rental vehicle, the university promotes a safe driving culture.

We encourage sensible and safe use of vehicles, aiming to eliminate or reduce the number of motor vehicle crashes and injuries.

Designated Driver Agreement

The driving of University staff vehicles is inherently risky.The designated driver agreement seeks to minimise the risks for passengers and drivers travelling in University vehicles. An original licence with all correct classes will need to be produced, at least annually, and the driver must read the university driving policies and guidelines and sign a Designated Driver Agreement.

Download the Designated Driver Agreement (PDF format, 223KB)

Defensive driving/Van handling course

Staff (and designated students) may be required to drive vans or to drive on gravel roads in the course of their work. The hazards and skills associated with safe van handling and defensive driving skills are important risk management tools for maximising the safety of these tasks.

Find out more about the defensive driving/van handling course

University policies & guidelines

Workplace vehicle use

The Safe Driving Policy and accompanying Workplace Vehicle Guidelines outline the responsibilities and expectations around workplace vehicle use. These apply to all University of Otago vehicles, privately owned vehicles used for University of Otago business, and any associated road equipment.

Privately owned vehicles transporting University staff between home and work, and vehicles used by contractors engaged by the University, are excluded.

View the Safe Driving Policy
View the Workplace Vehicle Guidelines

Vehicle safety on campus

Vehicles operating on campus are expected to comply with the University Traffic and Parking Regulations at all times to ensure safety of everyone on campus.

View the Traffic & Parking Regulations
View the Use of Premises Regulations

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