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University of Otago Staff travel all over the world and are potentially exposed to a wide range of travel health issues. Travel can be divided into three phases:


There are many aspects to maintaining health and safety while travelling, and staff are advised to seek appropriate advice prior to leaving. It is important to ensure that staff members who will be travelling have appropriate travel insurance.

Situations can change rapidly, and it's important that staff check the travel status of their destination frequently in the lead-up to their departure.

Vaccinations are important, but are not the only aspect of safe and health travel. Not all diseases are vaccine preventable, and so general behavioural measures to protect from infectious disease are important. Circumstances under which an individual should consider being vaccinated are variable, and medical advice should be sought.

Find out more about vaccinations available to University staff


Important things travellers should consider include healthy flying practices, DVT prevention, taking routine medications for pre-existing health conditions, traveller's diarrhoea, first aid, medical treatment overseas, medical evacuation and other issues.

ACC coverage for employees while travelling overseas

You are covered by ACC if you are injured while you're overseas, the same as you would be if the injury occurred in New Zealand, providing:

  • You meet the same criteria for cover; and
  • You meet the definition of 'ordinary resident in New Zealand'

If your claim is accepted, ACC can pay for treatment that you receive from a health provider IN New Zealand. Once you return to New Zealand, the normal range of assistance is available.

ACC surcharges are normally your responsibility. ACC cannot pay for treatment provided outside New Zealand except if the injury is a work-related personal injury, and very strict limits apply. We strongly recommend that all New Zealanders travelling overseas have travel and medical insurance.  For more detailed information please contact Janelle Kennedy.


Staff becoming ill after travel overseas are advised to make sure that they inform their doctor of their travels when seeking medical help.

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