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Inappropriate or careless use of nail-guns and staplers cause a large number of avoidable injuries each year in workshop situations. Even cuts may lead to Tetanus or other secondary infection.

Managing hazards

Only trained operators are to use nail guns or staplers. Powder-actuated fastening tools may only be operated by a person with a Certificate of Competence as Powder-Actuated Tool Operator.

  • Apparatus should be maintained as per manufacturers instructions, and stored and transported in a protective case. It should be operated within manufacturers recommended specifications.
  • Pneumatic lines should be fitted with moisture filters or self feed lubricators, and routinely maintained.
  • All pneumatic tools must be marked with maximum air/gas pressure or operating voltage, whichever is applicable.
  • Eye protection must always be worn when operating nailers/staplers, and ear defenders worn.
  • Always assume the tool is 'loaded', and never point the tool toward yourself or anyone else.
  • Disconnect the tool when reloading with nails or staples.
  • Horseplay with such tools is extremely dangerous, and can be fatal. This will not be tolerated.
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