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5.1 Monitoring and Measurement of Health and Safety at the University of Otago

The University of Otago has a comprehensive programme for the monitoring and measurement of key aspects of its operations and activities that is documented in the health and safety monitoring, measurement and registration at University of Otago. The programme includes: testing and monitoring requirements for aspects of the operation of buildings; equipment/machinery and apparatus; essential services; waste disposal; activities involving chemicals; biological agents and animals; radioactive substances; sources and apparatus covered under H&S and other relevant legislation.

Health Surveillance

Health Surveillance programmes undertaken at the University of Otago are outlined in the Health Surveillance and Health Monitoring matrix documents. The programme is coordinated by the Occupational Health team. An Occupational Physician is a member of staff to assist with health surveillance requirements and provide advice. Contact the Occupational Health Nurses at for further information and Occupational Health advice

5.2 Health and Safety Incident Investigation and Prevention

Procedures for hazard incident reporting, investigation & recording

All events (injuries, illness, incidents and near miss) are required to be reported through Vault as per the Incident reporting procedure. Departmental Health and Safety Officers (DHSOs) receive training in the reporting of events, data entry and investigation, including incident causation analysis. The detailed requirements are described in the document Event reporting and investigation

OHS Prevention System – electronic reporting database

Reports on corrective actions and root causes of incidents are analysed to identify preventive programmes. The preventive programmes are discussed with the Operational Health and Safety Committee for inclusion in the operational H&S plan on an annual process. The detailed requirements are described in the document Event reporting and investigation

OHS corrective & preventive action at the University of Otago

It is a KPI for corrective actions to be completed within a set period of time. Vault reports identify compliance with this requirement. Reports generated on the basis of the root cause as the starting point for further investigation for preventive programmes. The detailed requirements are described in the document Management of Corrective Actions at the University of Otago.

5.3 Health and Safety Records and Record Management

Control of records is maintained in accordance with the H&S Record management. This procedure contains a master list of records to be maintained, who holds the records and the period to be retained.

University of Otago OHS Audit Schedule

There is a documented programme of internal and external audits on health and safety and compliance, ranging from departmental reviews to specific health and safety target audits. Audit/inspection results are recorded in Vault and corrective actions reports generated. The detailed requirements are described in the document Audit Procedures

High Risk H&S Audit Programme

For those high risk activities an internal health and safety audit is completed annually. The detailed requirements are described in the document OHS Audit Schedule.

Audit and Inspection Tools

  • Machine and Workshop Safety
  • Workshop Inspection Checklist
  • Ladder Checklist
  • Office Health and Safety Checklist
  • Noise Identification Checklist
  • Drama and TV Studio Safety Inspection Checklist
  • Lab HSNO Exempt Audit Tool
  • Vehicle Use - OHS requirements procedure

Evaluation of Compliance

Critical Risks: Procedures for incident and hazard reporting are documented in the training module and Vault manual for reporting incidents, near misses, injuries, illnesses and hazards. Records of incidents and events are recorded in Vault and reports generated for analysis, reporting and updating the risk register. Reports are provided to the Operational H&S Committee, Risk Committee, HSRC and IBSC, to identify areas requiring actions and provide performance reviews. Corrective actions are recorded in Vault and reports generated. The detailed requirements are described in the document: Evaluation of Compliance Procedure

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