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Firth, F., Bennani, F., Stacknik, S., & Farella, M. (2019). Orthodontic patient co-operation: A review of the clinician’s role in predicting and improving patient compliance. Australasian Orthodontic Journal, 35(1), 5-12. [Review]. Journal - Research Other

Gray, S., Stacknik, S., & Farella, M. (2016). Space maintenance: An overview for clinicians. New Zealand Dental Journal, 112(3), 76-80. Journal - Research Article

Beck, V. J., Stacknik, S., Chandler, N. P., & Farella, M. (2013). Orthodontic tooth movement of traumatised or root-canal-treated teeth: A clinical review. New Zealand Dental Journal, 109(1), 6-11. Journal - Research Article

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