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Contact Details

+64 3 479 7840
Department of Biochemistry
BAgriSci(Hons) PhD(Lincoln)
Research summary
Lipoprotein metabolism and cardiovascular disease


My laboratory studies the genetics, proteomics and biochemistry of molecules involved in heart disease across a range of biological systems. A major class of molecules involved in heart disease are the plasma lipoproteins. We are currently studying the regulation of lipoprotein levels and composition to identify therapeutic targets for their manipulation with a particular interest in the Lp(a) and HDL lipoproteins which have opposing risk associations with heart disease. We are also investigating the variation in lipoprotein-associated genes in families with various dyslipidaemias. More recently we have begun a programme to test the effect of antioxidant compounds on biochemical markers of heart disease in both animal and human trials.

Inaugural professorial lecture


Read about the Lipoprotein(a) work (with audio) on RNZ Nationals Our Changing World.

Positions available

Enquiries about projects from prospective graduate, postgraduate or postdoctoral researchers are welcome and should be sent to

For information about scholarships for postgraduate students go to the University of Otago website postgraduate information page


Funding for my research has been provided by the the Health Research Council of New Zealand, The National Heart Foundation, Lottery Health, Otago Medical Research Foundation and the University of Otago.


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