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Senior Lecturer
Department of Medicine (Dunedin)
Research summary
Sports and exercise medicine


My research is in the areas of clinical sport and exercise medicine, especially when the research can directly influence clinical practice. I am particularly interested in normal movement patterns and what drives them to be abnormal.


Scoon, C., Walker, X. J., Gale, J. T., Gerrard, D., Peddie, M., Russell-Camp, T., Waters, D. L., Osborne, H., … Vlietstra, L. (2023). The physical function of retired elite athletes compared to the general population: A preliminary analysis. Journal of Sport & Exercise Science, 7(4), (pp. 134). doi: 10.36905/jses.2023.04.01 Conference Contribution - Published proceedings: Abstract

Osborne, H., Al-Sammak, A., Spyker, L., Shah, S., Fitzgerald, K., Martin, H., Roessler, D., Wilson, L., & Lyons, K. (2023). Spinal pain in undergraduate dental students at the University of Otago Faculty of Dentistry. New Zealand Dental Journal, 119(2), 75-80. Journal - Research Article

Yap, J., Wall, C., Meredith-Jones, K., Iosua, E., Osborne, H., & Schultz, M. (2023). Inflammatory bowel disease exercise and diet habits (IBDeat) study: Chronic metabolic disease risk factors among IBD patients in New Zealand. Journal of Crohn's & Colitis, 17(Suppl. 1), (pp. i615-i616). doi: 10.1093/ecco-jcc/jjac190.0614 Conference Contribution - Published proceedings: Abstract

Yap, J., Wall, C., Meredith-Jones, K., Osborne, H., Iosua, E., & Schultz, M. (2022, September). New Zealand adults with inflammatory bowel disease exercise and diet (IBDeat) habits. Verbal presentation at the Postgraduate & Early Career Researchers Committee (PERC) & Division of Health Sciences Early & Mid-Career Researcher (EMCR) Joint Research Symposium, Dunedin, New Zealand. Conference Contribution - Verbal presentation and other Conference outputs

Osborne, H., & Burt, P. (2022). Including exercise prescription in the management of non-specific low back pain [Trainee focus]. Emergency Medicine Australasia, 34, 833-836. doi: 10.1111/1742-6723.14076 Journal - Research Other

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