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The Biostatistics Centre's methodological experts provide leadership and expertise for research in the Division of Health Sciences.

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Vision statement

The Biostatistics Centre will be world leaders in biostatistical research and will be internationally recognised for their excellence in health-related research by improving the quality of research, health knowledge and health outcomes.

Mission statement

The Centre will provide biostatistical leadership and expertise for research conducted in the Division of Health Sciences. We will achieve this by actively engaging in and facilitating collaborative research, applying appropriate quantitative methods, keeping abreast of methodological developments in biostatistics, contributing to biostatistical methods, contributing to biostatistics education of researchers and emerging biostatisticians, and promoting a collegial culture.

Ethical guidelines

We follow the ethical guidelines published by the American Statistical Association (ASA). Please read these guidelines before you meet with your biostatistician as they contain important information on what you can expect when working with a statistician.

American Statistical Association ethical guidelines (ASA website)


We follow the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors (ICMJE) authorship guidelines. In your first meeting with our biostatistician the appropriateness of authorship will be discussed and agreed upon, subject to renegotiation if the role changes substantially. In general, we would not expect authorship to be given for brief advice or where the contribution is minimal.

Most collaborative projects would generally fit the requirement for authorship as our biostatistician will not only be heavily involved in the design and/or analysis but will also contribute to the drafting of the manuscript with the necessary interpretation of the statistical results.

Defining the Role of Authors and Contributors (ICMJE website)

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