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What is the Academic Network?

The Academic Network is a cluster of experts available to provide advice and assistance on a range of academic matters.

These include:

  • Academic administration advice for programmes in the Division of Health Sciences
  • Alignment with strategic direction of the Division
  • Amendment of regulations
  • Amendments to title of existing paper, prescriptions, prerequisites, restrictions or point values; teaching period or teaching mode of a paper; deletion of a paper; reinstatement of a suspended paper
  • Assistance with postgraduate procedures
  • Delegated PVC approval for PhD student administration
  • Delegated approval for PVC variation clause of programme regulations
  • Delegated PVC approval for non standard academic admissions
  • Development of new programmes (i.e. new degrees or major subjects or endorsements or minor subjects (where no existing major subject); deletion of such programmes
  • Development of new papers including special topic and summer school papers
  • Sustainability assessment of new programmes and new papers

The Academic Network is led by:

Academic Network structure

The Academic Network has three layers:

  • Divisional
  • Campus
  • Faculty / school

Key contacts in each layer of the Academic Network

How can the Academic Network help?

The Academic Network is available to provide advice and assistance on any academic issue small or large.

  • Divisional
    • Advice on non-standard admissions
    • Advice on programme regulations
    • Advice/support for devolved responsibilities
    • Consultation requirements
    • Divisional Pacific Strategic Plan
    • Division-wide postgraduate procedures
    • External approval process (CUAP)
    • Funding
    • Internal approval processes (BUGS/BoGS)
    • Māori teaching, research, and development
    • Promapp processes
    • PVC variation clause of regulations
    • Support for completing BUGS/BoGS forms
    • Support for seeking Divisional approvals
    • Sustainability assessment
    • University and Divisional strategy
    • University/programmes regulations
    • Quality control
  • Campus
    • Advice / support for devolved responsibilities
    • Campus Strategy
    • Communication across schools
    • Consultation requirements
    • Funding
    • Programmes Regulations
    • Regulations advice
  • Faculty/school
    • Examinations processes
    • Faculty / school strategy
    • Funding
    • Research proposals
    • Standard admissions decisions
    • Student matters
    • Sustainability Assessment
  • Department
    • Faculty / school strategy
    • Funding
    • Standard admissions decisions
    • Student administration

Key University contacts

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