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There are a number of Distance Teaching options at the University of Otago.

Before you start please:

  1. Contact Distance Learning (as the technology is only a tool to assist good teaching and learning)
  2. Seek advice on the best technology to use from your IT/AV support team (the earlier you do this, the better)

The main Distance Teaching technologies used

  • Zoom Desktop Videoconferencing is a desktop and mobile video conferencing application provided by the University of Otago. It is free to use and supported by ITS. You can use Zoom for online meetings, lectures, tutorials, presentations, and multi-group discussions.
  • Skype and Google Hangout—these tools are free and easy to use.

Distance teaching with Zoom

Visit the Zoom Desktop Videoconferencing page if you would like to proceed with Zoom.

If you intend to use Zoom in a room with more than 2 people, then please get technical advice. Getting good quality sound from a group requires special equipment and set up.

Setting up Zoom is generally very easy. ITS have provided the following information for students and staff:

Further information about Zoom

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