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A postgraduate research opportunity at the University of Otago.


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Master's, PhD
Population Health (Christchurch)
Dr Rebecca McLean


A range of transport and health topics available using data from the 'New Zealand Prospective Older Adult Transport and Health Study' (NZPATHS: funded by HRC) or the 'New Zealand Driver Study' (NZDS: funders HRC, ACC, Road Safety Trust).

NZPATHS: Prospective cohort study of 1,181 older drivers and 675 family.

Baseline (2016/17); Follow-up one (2019); Follow-up two (2021)

  • Self-regulation among older drivers
  • Rural and urban transport practices
  • Driving and transport practices among Older Māori
  • Impact of driving cessation on health and wellbeing
  • Family views and experiences with driving reduction and cessation

NZDS: Prospective cohort of 3,992 newly licensed drivers

Data linkage and longitudinal analysis:

  • Progression through Graduated Driver Licensing System
  • Associations between risk factors and crashes / infringements

Please note that no specific funding is available. However, applicants are encouraged to explore the University of Otago's postgraduate scholarships.
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Dr Rebecca McLean
Tel +64 3 479 8503

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