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Current students

Shang Bo

DBA Student

Pauline Dawson

PhD Candidate

Liz Disney

DBA Student

Mona Koushan

PhD Candidate

Maria Larcombe

Research Fellow

Gareth Rees

PhD Candidate
Gareth's PhD aims to model health workforce planning in New Zealand.

Wayne Tsien

DBA Students

Amber Young

PhD Candidate


Dr Adeel Akmal

Adeel completed his PhD research on quality improvement methodologies and their efficacy in New Zealand District Health Boards.

Oliver Hansby

Oliver completed a Bachelor of Medical Science with Honours in 2012 researching New Zealand's District Health Board (DHB) system.

Dr Hasibul Haque

Hasibul completed his PhD research on "Aid effectiveness and health systems strengthening" for a comparative effectiveness analysis of different aid management modalities in a fragile state situation such as Timor-Leste.

Livia Hardy

Livia completed an MPH thesis looking at how DHBs respond to the annual Serious and Sentinel Events report produced by the Health Quality and Safety Commission.

Dr Erin Penno

Erin completed her PhD on the analysis of New Zealand's population based funding formula used to allocate funding to DHBs.

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