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  • Master's in Higher Education (Distinction)
  • BA (Language & Literature, History/Politics)

Research title

Authorial Voice in novice academic student-writers at university

PhD start

1 March 2020

Research summary

The main goal of my research is to study the development of authorial voice and a sense of authorial identity in students who are novice academic writers at university. I investigate the concept of authorial voice and its development has been supported in the context of higher education discourse. My goal is to develop an online learning application that can help university students to understand, reflect on and develop the rhetorical effects of their authorial voice on their readers.

Research interests

My main research interests include the higher education challenges and opportunities inherent in English as a Second Language (ESL) and Teaching English to speakers of other language (TESOL), specifically in the realm of academic writing. My future research plans are to explore the cross-section between applied corpus linguistics and ESL/TESOL academic writing learner support.


  • Professor Ben Daniel
  • Professor Joyce Koh


The Prevalence and Frequency of Authorial Identity among Undergraduate Students in Fiji (IJALEL 2018, Vol. 7 No. 6)

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