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The Accelerated Maths Programme (AMP) aims to build students’ confidence in mathematics problem solving, particularly in the topics of numeric reasoning, basic algebra, probability and statistics.  AMP comprises two components:

  1. topic-specific workshop
  2. one-to-one coaching with senior students who successfully completed first-year quantitative papers

AMP Workshops

The AMP workshops will be facilitated by a trained mathematics tutor who is familiar with the mathematics curriculum in both high school and university settings. These workshops aim to build your conceptual knowledge and confidence in maths for you to be successful in quantitative papers.

The workshops will focus on numeric reasoning, algebra, and statistics comprising two components. Each session will be independent of one another, however, you are highly encouraged to sign up for both sessions in the same topic for maximum benefits. The content of the workshops are as follows: BEDMAS rules; fractions; understanding ratios; proportion and percentages; algebraic manipulation (expansion and factorisation) and substitution; solving problems using algebraic manipulation; chance and probability; and simple descriptive statistics – mean, median and mode of discrete data.

The 50-minute AMP workshops will run from the second week of each semester, for a period of six weeks.

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AMP Coaching

The AMP one-to-one coaching sessions are provided by senior students who have excelled in their studies. If you would like to ask for advice on a specific numeracy question please email For fair use, each coaching session will be limited to 30 minutes.

The AMP coaching times for semester one are TBC. Please keep an eye on this page.

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