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University of Otago

Associated researchers

  • Amber Pearson; Assistant Professor of Health Geography, Michigan State University
  • John White; Honorary Associated researcher


  • Nazahiah Bakri; PhD student
  • Keresi Rokorua Bako; PhD student
  • Tom Bergen; PhD student
  • Shashi Chandra; PhD student
  • Amanda D'Souza; PhD student
  • Eloise Pollard; PhD student
  • Courtney Steele; PhD student
  • Sione Tu'itahi; PhD student
  • Shan Valiyara; PhD student

Information on previous HePPRU students can be found here

Contact us

Department of Public Health
University of Otago, Wellington
PO Box 7343
Wellington South 6242
New Zealand
Tel +64 4 385 5541 ext 6477
Fax +64 4 389 5319

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