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At University, due dates for submission of work are firm deadlines: to maximise your chance of a good mark, internal assessment work must be handed in by the due date unless an extension has been granted. Extensions are available for Essays only (not for tutorial and other smaller assignments). Marks penalties will be applied to work submitted late unless an extension has been granted (see below for penalties).

Extensions must be requested before the deadline except in case of a serious medical condition supported by a medical certificate.

Extensions may be granted only for the following cases:
1. ill-health
2. bereavement
3. personal difficulties of a serious nature
4. provincial or national representative activities
5. job interviews outside Dunedin

Nothing else (such as pressure of other university work) will be accepted as a legitimate reason for extensions. Computer problems do not constitute an exceptional circumstance unless it is an officially notified failure of University equipment.

In most cases, to obtain an extension you will need to supply documentary evidence, such as

  1. A medical certificate for ill-health causing more than 48 hours of lateness
  2. Documentary evidence for bereavement (may be submitted later)
  3. A written statement from a responsible person such as college warden or RA for personal difficulties of a serious nature
  4. Documentary evidence for provincial or national representative activities
  5. Documentary evidence for job interviews

To apply for an extension, write an e-mail to your course coordinator clearly indicating the following:

  • Name, student ID, paper code, essay original due date
  • Reason for extension request
  • New due date/time requested
  • Nature of documentary evidence supplied

Documentary evidence must be submitted within three working days of your initial e-mail, as an attachment or scanned/photographed image.

The maximum length of an extension is SEVEN DAYS (except in cases of certified serious medical conditions).

Your paper coordinator will let you know if they approve the extension as soon as they are able. Application with evidence does not guarantee the grant of an extension.

Late internal assessment in all papers will be penalised by a grade deduction of 5% for each calendar day (or part thereof) of lateness. For example, an essay handed in three days after the deadline with an original grade of 65% (B-) would be lowered to 50% (C-).

Late work without an extension will be graded, but minimal feedback will be provided.

Essays will not be accepted for marking after graded essays are returned to students.

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