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Head of Programme

Associate Professor Frances Steel

Academic Subject Adviser (History)
Pacific Students' Liaison Officer

Pacific history, New Zealand history, Oceanic history, colonialism, mobilities, labour, technology, commodities

Academic staff

Professor Tony Ballantyne FRSNZ

Modern British Empire, colonial knowledge, 19th century cultural and intellectual life in NZ,  missionaries

Associate Professor Miranda Johnson

Pacific and New Zealand history, colonialism, decolonization, and postcolonialism

Dr Claire Macindoe

History of Medicine and Public Health, histories of dissent against health advice, and early broadcasting history

Professor Angela McCarthy

Scottish, Irish, and New Zealand history and migration; global, transnational and comparative migration and ethnicity; history of madness

Professor Mark Seymour

European history (19th–20th C), modern Italy (1860s–1970s), emotions, gender, sexuality

Professor Takashi Shogimen

Medieval and early modern European history, history of political thought (European and East Asian)

Associate Professor John Stenhouse

History of science, religious history, history of ideas, New Zealand history

Professor Angela Wanhalla

Academic Subject Adviser (History)
Māori Students' Liaison Officer
Postgraduate Co-ordinator (MA and PhD)

New Zealand, Māori and Comparative indigenous history, colonial history, gender and sexuality

Postgraduate students

Postgraduate students webpage

Emeritus Professors

Professional staff

Sandra Burgess, Administrator

Tel +64 3 479 8606

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