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Current PhD Students

Jen Gale

Impact of regular activity breaks on postprandial metabolism

Supervisors: Meredith Peddie, Elaine Hargreaves and Rachel Brown

Ioanna Katiforis

Impacts of living in a food insecure household on New Zealand infants 7.0-9.9 months of age and their primary carer

Supervisors: Anne-louise Heath, Claire Smith, Sara Styles, Jill Haszard and Claudia Leong

Hannah Martin

Change in motivational profiles for eating behaviour over five years in New Zealand women and their associations with intuitive eating

Supervisors: Sara Styles and Elaine Hargreaves

Neve McLean

The impact of complementary feeding practices, particularly baby-led weaning and baby food pouch use, on nutrient intake and iron status in NZ infants

Supervisors: Anne-louise Heath, Jill Haszard, Lisa Daniels and Rachael Taylor

Ping Ong

The effects of dailY consumption of rUMinant MIlk on nutrition and digestive comfort in older women, The YUMMI study.

Supervisors: Nicole Roy, Jody Miller, Lisa Houghton, Richard Gearry and Warren McNabb

Namratha Pai

Female athlete health: Risk of low energy availability and education interventions

Supervisors: Katherine Black, Rachel Brown and Jill Haszard

Current Masters Student

Kate Campbell

The impact of a primary care-led weight management intervention on body weight and glycaemic control among individuals with type 2 diabetes

Supervisors: Andrew Reynolds and Meredith Peddie

Olivia Coady

The barriers and facilitators in adhering to the the New Zealand Healthy Food and Drink Guidance-Schools (2020) in New Zealand Secondary School Canteens and exploring the contextual factors influencing school food provision

Supervisors: Claire Smith and Sara Styles

Briar Mills

Investigation of food waste at University of Otago residential colleges

Supervisors: Sheila Skeaff, Miranda Mirosa and Ray O'Brien

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