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BSc (Human Nutrition) BA (History) MSc (Human Nutrition) PhD (Human Nutrition)

Claire Smith 186


Claire Smith has been a Senior Lecturer in the Department of Human Nutrition since 2019. She is a graduate of the University of Otago with a BSc (Human Nutrition), BA (History) and PhD (2010). Claire's research interests are in the area of household food insecurity, food costs and dietary assessment.

Claire was a Postdoctoral research fellow and Research Fellow in the Department of Women's and Children's Health and worked on range of research studies relating to sleep in teenagers and children, including the SNAP-IT Study (Measurement of Sleep, Screen use, Nutrition, and Activity using Photo Images in Teens). Her PhD was in the area of household food insecurity and the focus of recent research is on the measurement of household food insecurity, and the experiences of families with household food insecurity. Claire is an elected member (as Editor) on the Nutrition Society of New Zealand Council. Claire has worked on national nutrition surveys including the Children's Nutrition Survey 2002 and extensively with the data from the 2008 Adult Nutrition Survey.

Postgraduate students interested in household food insecurity, food costs and dietary assessment are welcome to contact Claire to discuss research opportunities.

Claire coordinates the following papers:

  • HUNT 343 Community and Public Health Nutrition
  • HUNT 443 Practice in Public Health Nutrition

Current postgraduate students


  • Ioanna Katiforis. Impacts of living in a food insecure household on New Zealand infants 7-9.9 months of age and their primary carer.

Master of Health Science

  • Olivia Coady. Facilitators and barriers to school canteen policies for health eating

Recent graduates

Master of Science

  • Lucy Stuthridge. A qualitative study on how New Zealand consumers understand, perceive and use nutrition and health claims on food labels. 2020
  • Chaya Thejani Ranasinge. Dietary intake of select at risk micronutrients among vegetarian and non-vegetarian female adolescents. 2021

Master of Dietetics

  • Lucy McIlwaine. A qualitative study exploring the feasibility of measuring household food security online and household food insecurity among refugees. 2021
  • Monique Jaques. A qualitative study investigating the experiences of children and their parents participating in research using wearable and stationary cameras. 2021
  • Phillipa Dingle. Food sources of energy by socioeconomic status. 2019


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