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The academic departments and schools at the University of Otago are divided into four academic divisions. Nine service divisions support the operation of the University, including Human Resources, Financial Services and Property Services.

Academic divisions

Division of Commerce/School of Business

The School of Business offers a range of programmes to those wishing to study commerce and business.

Division of Health Sciences

The Health Sciences Division promotes health, health care and equitable health outcomes through outstanding basic and applied research and world-class academic and professional leadership.

Division of Humanities

The Humanities comprise those subjects that investigate the human world, what it is to be human and how human beings relate to their environment.

Division of Sciences

The Division of Sciences is responsible for a full range of sciences and is a leader in many areas of genetic research and computer and information technology

Service divisions

Academic Division

The Academic Division is led by a Deputy Vice Chancellor (Academic) with support from the Divisional office.

Accommodation Services Division

Accommodation Services is responsible for the University-owned residential colleges, University owned and leased flats, as well as managing the University accommodation office.

Financial Services Division

The Financial Services Division (FSD) provides a wide range of financial and planning services to the University.

Human Resources Division

The Division of Human Resources works closely with all departments and divisions to support the University's goal of attracting, retaining and developing high quality staff.

Information Technology Services Division

Information Technology Services is responsible for the provision, maintenance and support of information and communication technologies within the University of Otago community.

External Engagement Division

The External Engagement Division is responsible for raising the profile of the University and attracting high quality domestic and international students to study at Otago.

Property Services Division

The Property Services Division provides and maintains the best facilities, services and physical environment to the University community.

Research & Enterprise Division

The Research & Enterprise Division is responsible for the overall administration of the Research & Enterprise Office, Graduate Research Services, University of Otago Press and the Centre for Innovation.

Student Services Division

The Student Services Divisional Office is the administrative centre for all Student Services Departments.

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