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You can download pre-populated PDR forms from the PDR Web Application.

These can either be downloaded for the entire department in order, by section and alphabetically by surname, or singularly through the employee details screen.

Note: When downloading the forms, if asked, please leave the format in .html. Blank copies of the PDR form can also be found in the 'Related Content Box'.

PDR staff letters

Pre-populated PDR Staff Letters can be run using Business Objects (see instructions below).

  • The "PDR Staff Letter" report should be run only when the salary reviews have been finalised.
  • When running the PDR Staff Letter report, it is essential that you send a copy of the final version of the letter(s) to 'Organisational Development, Human Resources' or email individual PDFs to

Using Business Objects

  1. Log on to Business Objects and select 'Otago University Business Objects'. Human Resources have authorised access to these folders to nominated staff. If you are having trouble accessing Business Objects please email or phone +64 3 479 9051.
  2. Select "HR Performance and Development Review" by clicking on 'Contents'.
  3. Select the "PDR Staff Letter" report.
  4. Select "Run Report" and then "Schedule". Do not change any of the other fields.
  5. Save the report on your computer in case you need to refer to it again. You will only be able to run the PDR Staff Letters report once.

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