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The University of Otago is committed to the ongoing development and training of staff, both academic and general. There are a number of processes in place to develop staff, and Human Resources provides a range of training opportunities.

Academic staff

Pathology_laboratory_students_and_instructorThe University expects that all academic staff members should benefit from having their performance reviewed regularly, with appropriate staff development opportunities put in place.

There are a range of development processes for academic staff, as well as opportunities for professional development.

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Professional staff

Chemistry_LabThe University of Otago professional staff professional development programme gives staff the opportunity to learn new skills and develop their careers. Professional staff take part in the Performance Development Review process, which is an annual review of a fixed set of objectives and competencies.

There are also a great range of training, mentoring and development options for professional staff as well as awards for exceptional performance.

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Staff Awards

There are 3 categories for these Staff Awards:

Awards for Exceptional Performance by Professional Staff
To recognise and reward members of the professional staff who have made an outstanding contribution to the University of Otago

Health, Wellbeing and Safety Awards
To recognise and reward staff who have made an outstanding contribution to the University’s health, safety and wellbeing environment

Awards for Sustainable Practice by Staff
To recognise and reward staff who have made an outstanding contribution to sustainability at the University of Otago

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Study assistance

The professional development of our staff is important to us here at the University, and study assistance may be available to you. Study assistance may be a fees subsidy, and/or time to attend classes for staff who wish to study both internally and externally. Distance learning is a further option for staff who may wish to study around their work commitments.

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Key contacts

Learning and Development

Academic Leadership Development Programme
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Promotions & Remuneration

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