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When setting up a requisition in the Recruitment System, you'll need to enter information on the job family, job field and occupation. This structure gives the University accurate information for a variety of business reasons, such as identifying groups of staff, workforce planning and statistical reporting.

Job Family

  • A group of Fields in the same type of work
  • The largest classification and the most general
  • All Fields and Occupations in a Family have related knowledge requirements, duties, responsibilities and skills
  • For example, the function of all positions in the Hospitality and Retail Job Family can be defined as “Providing food and catering, sales and retail services to the University. This includes activities such as food preparation and selling goods and services.”

Job Field

  • A more specific area within a Job Family.
  • Positions in a field have related knowledge requirements, duties and responsibilities.
  • For example the Food and Hospitality Services Field in the Hospitality and Retail Family “Plan, organise, prepare and cook food for dining and catering establishments.” Positions in the Sales and Retail Field “sell a range of goods and services at the University.”


  • The most detailed classification of the Job Family.
  • Distinguishes jobs in the same field by skills and specialisation.
  • For example, Chef and Cook are two occupations in the Food and Hospitality Field:
    • A Chef's responsibilities include kitchen supervision as well as planning, preparing, and cooking food in dining and catering establishments.
    • A Cook's responsibilities focus on food preparation and cooking.
  • Occupation also differentiates by the type of formal training required.


There are definitions of all occupations in the job family structure for your reference. Please select a job family below to view the Job Fields and Occupations within it.

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