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The University of Otago is increasingly competing on a global scale for high quality candidates. The global skills shortage means recruitment and selection have become a strategic focus for the University, and our future success depends on finding positive, creative ways of attracting candidates.

This toolkit has been designed to help you recruit quality staff. If you have ideas of topics you would find useful, please let us know. The recruitment team is available to work with you on your specific requirements.

Getting started

Taking time to understand roles and responsibilities, and plan before starting the recruitment exercise will assist the whole process and help minimise delays later.

Timeframes and costs

It's important to think about what sort of timeframes you are looking at to complete the recruitment process, as well as what budget considerations need to be made.

Writing the advertisement

Recruitment advertising is very competitive, so your advertisement should focus on attracting the type of candidate you are looking for.

Attracting candidates

Who would you like to apply? Why would they be attracted to the position, your department and the University of Otago? How would they be most likely to find out about the vacancy? What information would they be interested in knowing?

Selection process

How do you select the best candidate? How do you make sure they have the knowledge, skills and experience that you need?

Appointing, including direct to offer

How to ensure the appointment process runs smoothly for you and your preferred candidate.

Our legislative framework and expectations

What are your responsibilities to ensure your recruitment practices comply with New Zealand legislation and University expectations?

Using the online Recruitment System

An e-learning module and various factsheets are available to help you when using the Recruitment System.

Recruitment support

The recruitment team are available to support you throughout the recruitment process, share our recruitment tools and help you plan for future recruitment needs.

Hiring – relocation and settlement support

Human Resources provides support when relocating and settling new employees and their families.

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