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Clinical Senior Lecturers are persons of high standing in the health profession, usually with a very good academic record.  The title Clinical Senior Lecturer is used for senior hospital staff and other health professionals appropriate to this level of appointment.  Usually they would be employed in primary healthcare, District Health Boards or other parts of the health sector and generally be employed by the University on an annual basis for a relatively small percentage of time.


Teaching, assessment and curriculum development

It is expected that Clinical Senior Lecturers:

  1. carry out clinical teaching in undergraduate and postgraduate teaching clinics and clinical service when required, either in small groups or one-on-one to facilitate the learning of practical/technical skills
  2. provide clinical supervision

Service to the University and the community

It is expected that Clinical Senior Lecturers:

  1. share knowledge with and contribute to the community
  2. contribute to administration in their Department or School


It is expected that Clinical Senior Lecturers:

  1. meet all compliance and reporting requirements
  2. work collegially with staff and students in the Department

Research is not expected.

Professional Practice is expected.

Employment Conditions


  • A Professional Clinical Qualification

Authority to appoint

Appointment is approved by the Dean

Find out more about authority to appoint academic staff

Confirmation Path

Not eligible.

Salary scale

Clinical Senior Lecturers may be appointed at any salary level in academic general, medical or dental salary scales or ranges but any salary paid must coincide with a point on a University Salary Scale.

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Performance review

No formal process

Salary progressions

No, but the Head of Department can review salary from time to time.


Clinical Senior Lecturers may apply for the following promotions:

  • to Clinical Associate Professor
  • to Clinical Professor

Find out more about promotion

Research and study leave

Not eligible

Employment Agreements

Clinical Senior Lecturers usually are covered by the:

  • Clinical Lecturer and Clinical Senior Lecturer Terms and Conditions (available from Human Resources on request) OR
  • Clinical Lecturer and Clinical Senior Lecturer (School Contract) Individual Employment Agreement (available from the Schools of Medicine).

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Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF)

Normally not required to submit an Evidence Portfolio.

Find out more about the PBRF

Useful Information

Key contacts

Dan Wilson
HR Manager - Promotions & Remuneration
+64 3 479 8092

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