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A Clinical Training Fellow undertakes specialised or further clinical research training in fields relevant to the goals and objectives of the funding body.

A Clinical Training Fellowship provides a broad research training that will combine academic course work and/or a thesis based degree, with on the job research experience and training within a multidisciplinary research group.


Academic Support

It is expected that Clinical Training Fellows may:

  1. undertake limited clinical and teaching duties relevant to their research.


It is expected that Clinical Training Fellows:

  1. take an active interest in the activities relating to the Department;
  2. meet all compliance and reporting requirements;
  3. work collegially with staff and students in the Department.

Employment Conditions


Clinical Training Fellow are qualified health professionals such as medical and dental graduates, psychologists, nurses and other clinical researchers.

All Fellows are required to enrol for an appropriate postgraduate qualification which has a research component eg. medical and dental graduates progressing to MD or PhD, or nurses and other health professionals progressing to MHSc, DPH, MPH or PhD.

Authority to appoint

The Dean of School approves the appointment of Training Fellows.

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Confirmation path

Not eligible

Salary scale

Lecturer scale (Medical/Dental) (usually in the range from step 1 to step 4), depending on qualification and research experience.

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Performance review

No. Short term appointment only, usually one to three years.

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Salary progressions

No. Short term appointment only


Not eligible

Research and study leave

Not eligible

Employment agreements

Clinical Training Fellows are covered by the Academic Staff (Medical & Dental) Employment Agreement.

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In addition to the terms and conditions of appointment with the University, Fellowships are subject to the terms and conditions of research contracts as set out in the document HRC Rules: Permissible use of research funding and operation of contracts.

Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF)

Not required to submit an Evidence Portfolio.

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Useful information

Key contacts

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HR Manager - Promotions & Remuneration
64 3 479 8092

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