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Note: This information covers Education Support Service Advisers, Senior Advisers and Reading Recovery Tutors.

Employment Conditions


The criteria for appointment are set out in the College of Education Advisers Appointment and Promotion Criteria booklet

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Authority to appoint

Pro-Vice Chancellor

Find out more about authority to appoint academic staff

Confirmation path

Not eligible

Salary Scale

School and Early Childhood Support Services salary scale.

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Performance, salary reviews and promotions

Movement through the steps of the scale is on the basis of meeting professional and professional leadership criteria, as outlined in the handbook setting out the criteria for appointment and promotion.

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Research and study leave

Not eligible

Employment agreements

Education Support Services Advisers usually are covered by the School/Early Childhood Education Support Service Agreement.

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Performance-Based Research Fund (PBRF)

Not required to submit an Evidence Portfolio.

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Key contacts

Dan Wilson
HR Manager - Promotions & Remuneration
+64 3 479 8092

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