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The tuition fees listed in the table below are an estimate only and may not represent the actual cost of a programme of study. You are liable for any fees payable over and above the estimated amount printed.

This page lists the fees for Humanities subjects. If you can't find the subject or programme you are looking for on this page please check the fees on the other subject pages, listed below.

Key to symbols used in the table

~ Honours degree may be available, depending on the major.

* If completed in the minimum time, this programme has a workload higher than the normal equivalent full-time (EFT) course load (120 points).

** July commencement may be possible, although the duration of the qualification may be longer, or paper selection may be limited.
Seek advice before applying

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QualificationAnnual fees 2024
(NZ$ per year)
Bachelor of Arts ~ 3603 
Anthropology34,251  S1, S2
Asian Studies34,251  S1, S2
Biblical Studies34,251  S1, S2
Chinese34,251  S1, S2**
Christian Thought and History34,251  S1, S2
Classics34,251  S1, S2
Communication Studies34,251  S1, S2
Computer Science38,418  S1, S2**
Economics35,529  S1, S2
Education34,251  S1, S2
English34,251  S1, S2
English and Linguistics34,251  S1, S2
European Studies34,251  S1, S2
Film and Media Studies34,251  S1, S2
French34,251  S1, S2**
Gender Studies34,251  S1, S2
Geography37,029  S1, S2**
German 34,251  S1, S2**
Global Studies34,251  S1, S2
History34,251  S1, S2
Indigenous Studies34,251  S1, S2
Information Science38,418  S1, S2**
Japanese34,251  S1, S2**
Language and Linguistics34,251  S1, S2
Linguistics34,251  S1, S2
Māori Studies34,251  S1, S2
Mathematics38,418  S1, S2**
Music37,966  S1, S2
Pacific Islands Studies34,251  S1, S2
Philosophy34,251  S1, S2
Philosophy, Politics and Economics35,529  S1, S2
Politics34,251  S1, S2
Psychology39,808  S1, S2**
Religious Studies34,251  S1, S2
Sociology34,251  S1, S2
Spanish34,251  S1, S2**
Sport Development and Management40,338  S1, S2**
Statistics34,251  S1, S2**
Theatre Studies34,251  S1, S2
Tourism, Languages and Cultures35,529  S1, S2
Bachelor of Arts and Science (BASc)38,4184864S1, S2**
Bachelor of Arts and Commerce (BACom)36,8074864S1, S2**
Diploma for Graduates (DipGrad) 1261S1, S2
Any subject specified as a major subject for BA, BTheol34,251–40,338   
Buddhist Studies34,251   
Postgraduate Diploma in Arts (PGDipArts) 1201 
Anthropology39,497  S1, S2
Biblical Studies37,746  S1, S2
Chinese37,746  S1, S2**
Christian Thought and History37,746  S1, S2
Classics37,746  S1, S2
Communication Studies37,746  S1, S2
Computer Science43,000  S1, S2**
Economics37,303  S1, S2
Education (Distance Learning)37,746  S1, S2
English37,746  S1, S2
Film and Media Studies37,746  S1, S2
French37,746  S1, S2**
Gender Studies37,746  S1, S2
Geography43,000  S1, S2**
German37,746  S1, S2**
History37,746  S1, S2
Indigenous Studies37,746  S1, S2
Information Science43,000  S1, S2**
Japanese37,746  S1, S2**
Linguistics37,746  S1, S2
Māori Studies37,746  S1, S2
Mathematics37,746  S1, S2**
Music42,845  S1, S2
Philosophy37,746  S1, S2
Philosophy, Politics and Economics37,451  S1, S2
Psychology43,000  S1, S2**
Religious Studies37,746  S1, S2
Sociology37,746  S1, S2
Spanish37,746  S1, S2**
Statistics37,746  S1, S2**
Theatre Studies37,746  S1, S2
Master of Arts (Thesis) (MA(Thesis))Thesis-only fee1201Any­time
Childhood and Youth Studies37,746   
Communication Studies37,746   
Computer Science43,000   
Development Studies37,746   
Education 37,746   
English 37,746   
Film and Media Studies37,746   
French 37,746   
Gender Studies37,746   
German 37,746   
Human Services37,746   
Indigenous Studies37,746   
Information Science43,000   
Māori Studies37,746   
Peace and Conflict Studies37,746   
Politics *Thesis only28,124   
Religious Studies37,746   
Spanish 37,746   
Theatre Studies37,746   
Master of Arts (Coursework) (MA(Coursework))* 1801–1.5 
Anthropology50,385  S1, S2
Buddhist Studies43,824  S1, S2**
Childhood and Youth Studies48,634  S1, S2**
Chinese48,634  S1, S2**
Classics48,634  S1, S2
Communication Studies48,634  S1, S2
Education52,627  S1, S2
English48,634  S1, S2
Film and Media Studies48,634  S1, S2
French48,634  S1, S2**
Gender Studies48,634  S1, S2
Geography48,634  S1, S2**
German48,634  S1, S2**
History48,634  S1, S2
Indigenous Studies48,634  S1, S2
Japanese48,634  S1, S2**
Linguistics48,634  S1, S2
Māori Studies48,634  S1, S2
Music51,184  S1, S2
Philosophy48,634  S1, S2
Philosophy, Politics and Economics46,957  S1, S2
Religious Studies46,229  S1, S2
Sociology48,634  S1, S2
Spanish48,634  S1, S2**
Theatre Studies48,634  S1, S2
Master of Archaeological Practice (MArchP)*56,1291801S1
Master of Indigenous Studies (MIndS)33,7531201S1, S2
Master of International Development and Planning (MIDP)*57,5161801S1, S2**
Master of International Studies (MIntSt)*43,0051801S1, S2
Master of Peace and Conflict Studies (MPCS)*43,0051801S1, S2
Master of Planning (MPlan)46,3562402S1
Master of Politics (MPols)*43,0051801S1, S2

Education and Teaching

Bachelor of Teaching (BTchg)34,2513603S1
Graduate   Diploma in Second Language Teaching (GDipSLT)34,2511201S1
Postgraduate Certificate in Education and Learning (PGCertEdLn)18,873601 (part-time)S1, S2
Postgraduate Diploma in Education and Learning (PGDipEdLn)37,7461201S1, S2
Master of Education and Learning (MEdLn)37,7461801.5S1, S2
Master of Teaching and Learning (MTchgLn)*56,6191801S1
Doctor of Education (EdD)37,7463603S2

Higher Education

Postgraduate Certificate in Higher Education (PGCertHighE)18,87360 1 (part-time) S1
Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education (PGDipHighE)37,746 120 2 (part-time)S1, S2**
Master of Higher Education (MHEd)* 52,627 180 1 S1, S2**

Languages and Cultures

Diploma in   Language (DipLang)34,2511261S1
Diploma in   Global Cultures (DipGlobalC)*34,2511261S1, S2


Bachelor of Laws (LLB) ~38,0695344S1
Master of Laws (LLM)42,0951201Any­time

Music and Performing Arts

Bachelor of Performing Arts (BPA)34,9943603S1
Bachelor of Music (MusB) ~38,7093603S1
Postgraduate Diploma in Music (PGDipMus)42,8451201S1, S2**
Master of Music (MMus)42,8451201Any­time
Master of Fine Arts (MFA)37,7461201S1, S2
Doctor of Musical Arts (DMA)42,8453603Any­time

Social Work

Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) ~34,2514804S1
Master of Social and Community Work (Applied) (MSCW(Applied)39,3192402S1
Master of Social Work (MSW)35,7501801–1.5S1, S2


Diploma in Theology34,2511261S1, S2
Bachelor of Theology (BTheol) ~34,2513603S1, S2
Postgraduate Certificate in Chaplaincy (PGCertChap)18,873600.5S1, S2
Postgraduate Diploma in Chaplaincy (PGDipChap)37,7461201S1, S2
Postgraduate Diploma in Faith-based Leadership and Management (PGDipFBLM)35,4961201S1, S2
Postgraduate Diploma in Ministry (PGDipMin)37,7461201S1, S2
Postgraduate Diploma in Theology (PGDipTheol)37,7461201S1, S2
Master of Chaplaincy (MChap)37,7461801.5S1, S2
Master of Faith-based Leadership and Management (MFBLM)35,4961801.5S1, S2
Master of Ministry (MMin)37,7462102S1,S2
Master of Theology (MTheol)37,7461201Any­time

Doctor of Philosophy

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) 3603Any­time
Arts, Languages, Theology2024 fees: 7,443   
Law2024 fees: 8,047   
Geography, Music2024 fees: 8,691  
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