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Overview of the exchange application process

  1. You apply on eVision
  2. You complete a survey (the link will be emailed to you)
  3. You are allocated a place at one of your preferred institutions
  4. You seek formal approval from appropriate department(s) and Student Development
  5. We nominate you to the host institution and email the application information to you
  6. You apply to the host institution
  7. You attend the exchange pre-departure seminar
  8. Your formal acceptance documents from the host institution arrive
  9. You apply for your student visa, finalise your accommodation, book your flights, purchase insurance
  10. Your exchange starts
  11. Your exchange finishes and you complete your student evaluation
  12. Your exchange transcript is emailed to:
  13. Your exchange credits are processed and show under ‘transfer credit’ on your Otago transcript.

Applying to go on exchange

  1. Check the eligibility criteria to take part in the Otago Global Student Exchange Programme
  2. Attend an Otago Global information session
  3. Read the information under plan to go on exchange
  4. Otago exchange partners – research your host institutions
  5. Log in to eVision (go to 'Programme and Papers', 'apply for Global Exchange')
  6. If applying for a full academic year you should put in two applications
  7. If applying for a short course (less than one semester study), select 'short course' under 'period'
  8. No additional documents need to be uploaded.

When to apply

Application period Otago semester on exchange
1 September 2023–1 March 2024 Semester two 2024
Semester one 2025 – only to these institutions in Canada:
University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, Western University, Brock University
1 March 2024–1 September 2024 Semester one 2025
1 September 2024–1 March 2025 Semester two 2025
Semester one 2026 – only to these institutions in Canada:
University of British Columbia, University of Toronto, Western University, Brock University
1 March 2025–1 September 2025 Semester one 2026

  • Applications are open now. Students will be contacted within the application processing period
  • Applications will be processed as we receive them
  • We may be able to accept late applications for a few institutions. Please contact an Exchange Adviser if you missed the above application processing period

Submitting your survey

  1. Places are available in the semester you are applying for
  2. Institutions are available at your level (undergraduate/graduate/MBA)
  3. You choose institutions from the list of approved partners for your division (if applicable)
  4. Your required courses are not restricted or have limited entrance
  5. The host institutions offer a range of courses you can choose from. Entry to any specific course is not guaranteed. Ideally, you’ll have flexibility as to the courses you can take when on exchange
  6. Your required courses are offered in English (if applicable) and in the semester you will be on exchange.
  • Research the accommodation options, cost of living, city, and region to ensure all meet your needs
  • Student visa (if applicable) – what is the cost? Do you require a face-to-face appointment? Do you need to be in New Zealand? Are 'hard copy' documents required?
  • You’ll choose five choices of destination on the survey – your first choice is not guaranteed.

Exchange placement confirmation

  • To confirm placements, we’ll look at:
    1. Institution availability
    2. Institution’s requirements (GPA, restricted programmes, academic flexibility, study level, any other niche requirement an institution may have)
  • You will receive a notification on eVision when your placement has been confirmed.

Tūrangawaewae, Pōkai Whenua Exchange

The Tūrangawaewae, Pōkai Whenua Exchange ( TPW ) Programme is available for students of Māori descent. Applications are considered/approved by the Office of Māori Development. Students will be required to attend an interview before placement is confirmed. Interview appointment times will be sent to TPW applicants directly.

For full information on the TPW exchange, please visit:
Tūrangawaewae, Pōkai Whenua – Indigenous Exchange

Further information

Contact an Exchange Adviser for further information about Otago Global Student Exchange.

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