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The University of Otago provides a free high-capacity central file storage (HCS) service to University departments.

With HCS, your files are easily accessible from the HCS folder mounted on your desktop. Files are automatically backed up as part of this service.

HSC is not an alternative to OURDrive, the University of Otago's electronic document and record management system in which University records are being stored.

  • For departments transitioning to OURDrive, HCS will provide interim storage.
  • HCS is an ideal solution for ongoing secure storage of research data as OURDrive will not be used for storing this sort of information.

HCS will gradually replace for the current Celerra file sharing and storage service. Space on HCS is allocated to departments or teams as required.

What HCS offers

  • Replicated high-capacity storage across the University of Otago data centres, for staff and research team use.
  • A high-availability storage service with no single-points-of-failure.
  • Secure storage for confidential, sensitive and private data.
  • Additional storage capacity available on demand.
  • The capacity to handle very large files and directories.
  • The ability to recover earlier versions of files created up to three months ago.
  • Anti-virus scanning of all files.

Request High-Capacity Central Storage (HCS) online.

Do you have a question? Please refer to the AskOtago Knowledgebase.

You can also contact ITS for more information about the HCS service.

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