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Information Technology Services provide safe and reliable internet access for students, staff and visitors at the University of Otago.

What internet access is available for visitors, students and staff at the University of Otago?

Visitors, students and staff can access the internet using Wi-Fi wireless or network outlets.

Wi-Fi wireless network access is available in all libraries on all campuses, and in many common areas

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Network outlets

Network outlets for student internet access are available in all libraries, and some student offices. You can ask library staff for directions to your nearest network outlet. If you are a postgraduate student, you should ask your departmental administrator if there is a student internet outlet in your office.

There are usually no outlets for staff internet use in libraries and staff should use wireless access instead. Staff will normally use outlets in offices.

If you are a guest or visiting academic, you should be able to locate a network outlet in your assigned office arranged by your sponsoring department prior to your arrival. If you have any problems, please contact the administration of your sponsoring department.

Your Internet use obligations

Please read the following information to make sure you comply with your responsibilities when using the internet access provided by the University of Otago:

Please contact AskOtago if you have any questions about your obligations.

Do you have a question? Please refer to the AskOtago Service Portal for questions about internet use at the University of Otago

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