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The UO-EXTERNAL network service is aimed at long-term (three weeks or more) visitors and computers that are not part of the staff network.

Some examples of computers that might require this access are:

  • when it is not known whether the operating system is up-to-date with patches
  • anti-virus software is not present or up-to-date

Your departmental IT support staff may request that your personally-owned computer uses this service.

Access and usage


  • A valid University username and password. University usernames are created by the ITS Service Desk for those who are not staff or students of the University
  • Registration of the computer (or other network device) for the UO-EXTERNAL service. Once registered, the computer must use DHCP to get an IP address. A manually configured IP address won't work
  • The device must use WPA2 encryption

The service provides access to the internet but you will need VPN access to view non-public sites located on the internal University network.

Request a University of Otago username

Registering your computer

University of Otago VPN service - information and requesting access


The service is available from wired outlets and wireless access points.


Outlets need to be configured for the UO-EXTERNAL service.

Please contact AskOtago with the outlet details.

This option is not available in the Auckland Centre, Revera House (Wellington), and satellite UOC sites. Outlets cannot be configured for these services in these areas.


The service is available on all University of Otago wireless access points.


Please see the ITS Summary of Service Charges document (.pdf, 291KB) for any departmental charges relating to this service (under Network Charge).

Please contact AskOtago if you have any questions about the UO-EXTERNAL network service.

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