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The ITS Applications Team provides systems analysis and development services to the University of Otago, including oversight of the full software development lifecycle from design and architecture through to testing, deployment, and support. We are the sole provider of corporate application development and integration services for the University, and should always be consulted on any application development initiative.

ITS Applications Team Key Attributes

  • Our experienced and highly skilled team of analysts, programmers, and report writers can customise your application to your needs.
  • Your application will be hosted centrally and receive all the associated benefits such as security, availability, backup, auditing, data integrity, updates, administration, and University access.
  • Pre-existing templates make it easy to produce your new application.
  • University of Otago data will be used securely and your application will conform to University of Otago standards.
  • We provide integration and customisation services for third-party packages such as eVision and HRMS.
  • We offer a report development service using Business Objects, providing customised access to corporate application data.

Please contact AskOtago to find out more about our application development service.

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