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REDCap (Research Electronic Data Capture) is a secure web-based survey application and is recommended if your survey:

  • has a complex design
  • will include personal information which is either covered by Health Information Privacy Principles, The Privacy Act or Ethics Committee specifications that require a secure survey tool

All survey data is stored in the University of Otago data centres.

Please note that the Qualtrics web-based survey application is also available for University staff and student use.

On this page you will find information about accessing REDCap software through Information Technology Services (ITS) including:

System requirements for REDCap software

REDCap is web-based software that can be accessed using any web browser or operating system.

REDCap software usage and licence terms

REDCap is available for use by University staff and students. All survey data is stored securely in the University of Otago data centres.

Cost for REDCap software

REDCap is centrally funded so there is no additional cost to University of Otago staff and students.

User support for REDCap software

ITS does not provide support for REDCap. However, feedback from those using it is that it is intuitive to use and support videos are available on the REDCap website:

User support videos – REDCap website

There are also inbuilt prompts and instructional text within the application itself.

Requesting REDCap software access

Please contact AskOtago to enquire about or request access to REDCap:

REDCap survey software – AskOtago

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